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Global Dairy Farmers is a worldwide network of dairy farmers and industry partners!

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GDF Congress

At least once every 18 months the GDF congress is organized, each time in a different country / continent.

With a group of about 35 dairy farmers and industry partners we hope to visit interesting dairy farms, learn from key dairy industry speakers and have good discussions with each other about the future of dairy farming. Related to an actual dairy topic we organize this congress as the GDF management team together with our members, partners and local contacts.

 Next to this we organize study tours and cooperate with VIV Conferences and the Canadian Dairy XPO at their exhibitions.


In February 2016 we will organize a GDF - VIV MEA Study tour in Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates. Subcription is possible untill Dec. 29 2015.

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News & columns

Herd size and feeding silage impacts risk of TB

Intensive farming practices such as larger herd size, maize growth, fewer hedgerows and the use of silage have been linked to higher risk of bovine TB, new research has concluded.

You can no longer register for the Study Trip GDF - VIV ...

Registration for the Study Trip GDF- VIV MEA is no longer possible.

'Ag exports tipped to thrive on low Australian dollar in 2016'

THE analysts’ crystal ball is showing another big year for Australian agriculture, with exports tipped to thrive on the back of a dollar drop. A continued beef price boom and live dairy trade upturn has also been forecast, while surging business confidence could see a wave of investment in farm technology and infrastructure at home.

Global Dairy Farmers has a restricted group of companies (business partners) which are members of GDF. There is a maximum of 12-14 business partners which do not compete with each other.