Who are we?

Global Dairy Farmers is the inspiring global network of  inspirational and ambitious dairy farmers , leading experts in different fields related to dairy and key-stakeholders from around the globe to exchange experience and business opportunities. This international network of progressive dairy farmers (Members) and related Business Partners obtain knowledge on a tactical and strategic level which can be implemented at their own organization. This knowledge is obtained by gatherings, (research)projects, the GDF Congress and the GDF Online Platform.

The GDF Congress 2019 China was a great success. Curious? Please click HERE . Curious what we have in store for the coming year? Click HERE

During the annual GDF Congress members and business partners enhance their knowledge by e.g. local farm visits, get inspired by key (non)dairy industry speakers, learn from (other) farmers, several business cases and expand their network and potential leads. The knowledge and experience that fill the room during the congresses is unheard of. Experts from the entire supply chain challenge our group of progressive dairy farmers, and vice versa. GDFarmers are the pioneers of the dairy sector.

The greatest intangible benefit comes from the deep and lasting friendships across continents that develop over time as a result of being a friend of Global Dairy Farmers (GDF). It is said that being part of GDF helps you to develop or fine-tune your vision on the dairy sector and maybe even enhance your organization’s vision. 

GDF is proudly exclusive and trust, integrity and confidentiality are assumed.


What else do we do?

Our team of Global Dairy Farmers is committed to enlarge the knowledge and experience of our members and partners and by doing so assist in developing the dairy sector worldwide, keeping in mind the welknown 3 P's. 

  • People   : people inside and outside the farm; the entrepreneur him/herself, his/her family, employees, neighbouring residents and other third parties such as suppliers;
  • Planet    : consequences for the (living) environment;
  • Profit     : the production and economic effects of dairy.

This approach ensures a long-term value creation for our progressive farmers, society, the environment and the dairy sector as a whole. Next to our Confidence Index and the GDF Congress, we organise additional meetings and either initiate or take part in different projects with our members and partners.