Testimonial James (Su Hao) GDF & GDF Congress China

01/11/2019 om 11:49

Two years ago at the GDF Congress in Surabaya Indonesia, I met Ad and discussed the possibility of bringing GDF back to China. We said if that happened, it would become the first return to the same country in GDF history. With no doubt, we have many reasons NOW to be proud of as this Congress in China has inked the history a perfect success and a beautiful memory to all.

Lots of things have changed over the last ten years in our lives, especially in China. We saw backyard cows in 2009 but not any more ten years later. We visited the newly launched co-ops in 2009 led by a group of ambitious entrepreneurs but sadly they did not survive from the various challenges. Dairy farming was not easy for everyone, and everywhere.

There are also other changes. Your peers in China are getting more confident on dairy farming. The cows in China are producing way more milk. The consumers’ confidence are coming back. Dairy products play a heavier and heavier role in the dietary structure nowadays in China.

We saw things unchanged as well over ten years, that is the hospitality and friendship from the entire East Rock team. It is a pride for us to facilitate this entire program. We proudly honored our commitment to GDF with actions and results. Please keep our contacts and remember you have great friends in China welcoming you back to this country. There are many more things to see and you will have more fun to enjoy.

GDF is a great platform. There are some very important people in my life who I knew ten years ago over GDF Congress 2009. Mr. Terry Hehir from Australia and Mr. Andy MacFarlane from New Zealand took me into a brand new world after we met on the congress and treated me like families in their respective homelands. Mr. Bram Prins coached me how to maintain balance among people, profit and “protein” when he was invited back to China in 2014. GDF offered me great opportunities to make great friends. Now after Congress 2019, I can say I have more solid friends into the future.

What I learned from GDF over the two Congresses in China is the passion in dairy farming and the love in families. Dairy farmers speak the same “language” though it is pronounced slightly differently. This “language” encourages me to do a better job serving the dairy farming industry and to be a good son, a good husband and a good daddy. Thanks for sharing this “language” with me.

I want to thank Ad, Alfons, Co and Yvonne for their great job operating this very important organization. We are proud of our teamwork together in 2019 and let us plan GDF Congress 2029 back to China again.
I miss you all. All the best to your families and your businesses.

With regards
Su Hao (James)
On behalf of your friends
From East Rock Farm Technologies