Testimonial GDFarmer Willy Leferink

11/11/2019 om 13:55

First I like to thank the organising team that made this conference an unforgettable event from the moment we touched down in Beijing. Nothing was left to chance. It was an amazing week which made it look like I had been away longer period once back in New Zealand. 


There was no particular event what stood out the most for me as all presentations had very interesting ingredients attached. Some things I vividly remember are the presentations from Sandy Chen, Maggie Yangi from Beijing Aviation, Christina Wu Fonterra, de Jonge on feeding cows sprouted wheat which was a real surprise to me and the Danish couple building an empire in no time. This is not to say that the other presentations did not meet my expectations.


The farm visits were cool and I take my hat off to the farmers and organisations to open their doors for us. 

From what I understand it I'd not easy to establish yourself in China as a dairy farmer and it must be really hard going and deep pickets until a farm starts running smooth. It does not look like the Chinese government is giving its own farmers much leg up or an easy ride. From the last farm we visited you can see how difficult farming can be if the people on the farm are poorly trained and not share the same culture as the initiators. Having said all this, China can do it by itself now, they do not need us anymore other than for advise. As an example the total Chinese team at the Fonterra farms. 


What I like about the Gdf conference is the networking, mixing with like minded farmers from several parts of the world. 

I think this is important as our competition is not Dairy Farmers in other countries, but other industries that produce plant based "milk" or in the future even "milk" out of a lab. 


I like to encourage more farmers to participate, particular also from other milk producing countries. 


I like to thank GDF and Eastrock and particular Yvonne an Jeff for a wonderful week. 


Kind Regards 

Willy Leferink