Surround yourself with positive thinking people

16/12/2019 om 20:30

Our VP Alfons Beldman wrote a striking blog in our monthly network newsletter what GDF is about: "Avoid negative thinking people". Surrounding yourself with people who look at things as challenges and opportunties. During our GDF Solution Center some of our members bring their personal dilemma’s and key questions on the table. Those are the moments that Alfons remembers clearly why he is part of this network. Some people have asked him sometimes how you can build such a network. Alfons says you first of all have to make certain choices and invest in building your (personal and professional) network. Join the right networks. GDF is one of those networks and another one is the Nuffield network. This is probably illustrated perfectly by Mat Hocken, a Nuffield scholar and member of the GDF network and just now also 2019 Rabobank Emerging Leader award winner. Congratulation Mat! Proud to have you as our member!