NEWS | GDF Congress 2019

22/10/2019 om 17:18

Beijing, China – October 21 2019 | The Global Dairy Farmers Congress 2019 China starts with a great kick-off in Beijing, China. With more than 50 participants from countries such as Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany and of course China, different nationalities and cultures are well represented. The participating dairy farmers all have different strategies and visions. Opportunity for a week of good discussions: with each other, but also with the participating decisionmakers of i.e. Fonterra China, Nestlé, Rabobank and Wellhope-DeHeus. Topics evolve around the question “who will feed the world with dairy?” and of course what has changed over the last 10 years since our last visit to China. The mixture of dairy farmers and other food&agri experts will result in food for thought, and thoughts for food (production).

Global Dairy Farmers (GDF) gives progressive dairy farmers and other dairy experts a platform to enhance and exchange their knowledge, gather ideas for new business ventures and see how the world can keep on producing great dairy in the far future. The members come from all corners of the world. The knowledge and entrepreneurship of the leading dairy farmers and decisionmakers in the dairy industry are overwhelming and is gathered through the GDF network.

Every 18 months GDF organizes a congress to get everyone together. Ten years ago we went to China for the first time, and along the way we have visited countries and places such as Argentina, U.S.A., Indonesia and Western  Europe. ‘It was time to go back to China’, said James Su Hao from East Rock. Artex and East Rock are GDF’s co-organizers for this 2019 congress.  In this event GDF will look at global and subsequently local trends, will find out about the future impact on dairy development of and within countries such as China and India.  What non-dairy developments are there and how to react on that. Furthermore, who will be and how will be the next generation farmers look like? Next to that we will be visiting five dairy farms, two family farms, the DFI Nestlé and a Fonterra and Modern Farming farm. The group travels to Beijing and Harbin.

The first days in Beijing are all about global, Asian and Chinese trends: what are the opportunities and challenges? Sandy Chen of Rabobank talks about the development in the world dairy market including the position of China. Prof. Li Shengli of CAU will review and shares his insight on China’s dairy industry. Christina Zhu, Fonterra’s President of Greater China, will share with us Fonterra's growth story in China lessons and learnings. Another but different story about a dairy processor comes from Snorri Sigurdsson who is the Head of Arla-Mengniu China Denmark Milk Technology Centre. Learning from a different sector is accommodated by successful entrepreneur Dr. Yang Yi, the  Managing Director of Beijing TT Aviation Tech Co. Ltd. We close the day by a out-of-the-box future way of farming presentation by John de Jonge, president of Artex Barn Solutions.

Global Dairy Farmers picked the best-practise dairy farms in China, which the group will visit on Wednesday and Friday. Five dairy farmers with different structures: we will be visiting a Fonterra farm, two family farms, the Nestlé DFI and Modern Dairy.

On Thursday GDF organizes the GDF Solution Center in Harbin, China. This conference day kicks off with a presentation from the Nestlé DFI general manager Zhang Zhendong about Nestle’s contribution for China Dairy Upgrading. It continues with another part of the dairychain, namely a presentation by  Shuzhi Zhang Technical manager of Wellhope Agritech Joint Stock CO. LTD, giving an introduction about Wellhope and talking about the challenges and opportunities in the feed industry.

A full program with inspiring speakers, dairy farmers and food for thought.

You can join us (virtually) on our facebook page ..... or by following the hashtag #GDFcongress on twitter.