GDF VALUE | About Lely and Global Dairy Farmers

16/01/2020 om 11:12

As an international family business in the agricultural sector, we spend every day making farmers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services.
We offer solutions for almost all activities in the cowshed: from milking to feeding and cleaning.
We provide advice on how to organise a dairy farm smartly with the use of management systems.
Our vision and the needs and demands of our clients are the things that drive and inspire us.
Something we do since 1948: in this year brothers Cornelis en Arij van der Lely introduced the finger wheel rake to the market:
one of our first inventions that made a substantial change in the traditional way of working on the farm.
There were many more innovations with only one purpose:
making agrarian life easier and working together for a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in the agricultural sector.

"To introduce myself, Marcel van Leeuwen, export and business development manager being connected to the Lely company for more than 25 years, I am the Lely contact person for the GDF network for over 10 years,.
I am most happy to belong to this international network of farmers and business partners which provides me a great opportunity to extend my international market knowledge and trends that are occurring in the dairy sector.
My current focus is on the Asian region to further develop these markets for Lely.
Looking forward to many years of fruitful cooperation with the GDF network."

Milestone: 1,000th Lely Discovery 120 Collector Delivered

The 1,000th Lely Discovery 120 Collector has been delivered to a dairy farm in Norway. A true milestone and perfect to close a successful year with, especially since the Collector has only been introduced in 2016 as the solution for cleaning closed barn floors. The Lely Discovery 120 Collector currently operates in 25 countries.

The Discovery Collector is specifically designed for barns with solid floors and takes a revolutionary diverse approach when compared to traditional manure scrapers. The Collector does not push manure, but vacuums it. This makes the build-up of manure – in which cows stand – a thing of the past. This not only makes a cleaner floor, it also ensures that cows’ hooves remain cleaner. This improves both cow health and the well-being of the animals.
"The positive feedback from dairy farmers all over the world shows that there is a clear need for cleaning complete solid floors in a much more flexible as well as animal friendlier way." says Clemens Duijnisveld, Product Manager Barn at Lely. “The routes of the cleaning program can be easily managed according to the daily rhythm of the farm and the cows. The Discovery 120 Collector navigates independently using built-in sensors. A big benefit of the Lely Discovery 120 Collector is elimination of manure pool in front of the machine therefore resulting in animal friendlier environment for cows. Less obstacles decrease the incidence of white line defects and ensures cows can move more safely through the barn.”