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Our dairy experts from Holm&Laue, MSD Animal Health, Lely, VES-Artex, Jaylor, Aeres University and Denkavit invite you to join them at their World Dairy Table Discussions. Each topic will combine visionary ideas, good questions and practical answers. These are parellel table discussions, run twice. This means that each block you can join two table discussions.


Session 1. | Animal welfare trends in calf rearing in Germany, Europe and the World

Discussion hosted by Holm&Laue

Animal welfare is a very hot topic all over the world. Some consumers are more critical than others, but everywhere a minority sets new standards. And baby animals always one of the first concerns of animal right people. What are the trends in the animal welfare discussion with calves? How can dairy farmers prepare themselves? Join the discussion group and let us know what you think!

Join the discussion with Holger Kruse (Germany) from Holm&Laue and Hans-Peter Greve from Milchhof Rodenwalde, Germany

Session 2. | What if we could protect calves against common diseases really really early? 

Maximum number participants: 10

Discussion hosted by MSD Animal Health

Pneumonia or Bovine Respiratory Disease has a major impact on future milk production in first lactation. One episode leads to a reduction of 525 kg (Dunn et al., 2018). An easy and cost-effective way to prevent this, is to vaccinate the calves and the sooner the calf is vaccinated the better it is protected. In the discussion we will talk about how this could fit in the handling of the animals on the first day after birth and the pro and cons of this concept.

 Join the discussion with Klaas Okkinga and Tineke Henselmans from MSD Animal Health

Session 3.  | Digital farming      

Maximum number participants: 10

Discussion hosted by Lely

As a Dutch dairy farmer and Expert Systems & Data Farm Management Support at Lely International, Arjen van der Kamp spends his time on how dairy farmers can benefit from technological evolution and digitalization.  Farmers are facing more complexity in their businesses combined with more available information through data. Decision support through farm management software supports farmers in their daily decision making and allows them to focus on optimizing their farm at their choice.

Join the discussion with Arjen van der Kamp, Dutch dairy farmer and Expert Systems & Data Farm Management Support at Lely International

Session 4. | Rationalizing water in the back of the barn

Maximum number participants: 10

Discussion hosted by VES-Artex

“We live in a  world where natural resources are not unlimited and there are costs to using them. There is an apparent reluctance to use water to cool cows because there is a cost and there is a uncertainty as to whether or not using water to cool cows works.”

How do we rationalise the use of water to cool cows

  1. Why is there a reluctance to use water to cool cows
  2. What tools, information, resources do you need (or require) to be able to use water to cool cows

Join the discussion with Sue Hagenson, Senior Dairy Specialist from VES-Artex and Thomas Allison (t.b.c.), farmer’s son and Technical Specialist working within the dairy industry. 

Session 5. | Is TMR Right for Everyone?

Discussion hosted by Jaylor

Feeding dairy cattle total mixed rations provides the opportunity for improving milk production and feed efficiency, enhancing animal health and reducing labor inputs.  But, is it simply a matter of mixing all the ingredients together?  And, how do we adapt the concepts to grazing programs, robotic milking, and small-holder dairies in developing countries?

Join the discussion with Dr. Alan Vaage and Marty Philippi from Jaylor.

Session 6. | Farm succession – it’s (all) not about the money.

Discussion hosted by Agriculture University Aeres

In this session we will discuss ‘farm succession’ within the family. The goal is to share knowledge and experiences about processes we face in practice. How to manage relations, money and emotions within the family. In the end you would like to continue meeting each other in a good mood at the Christmas table and/ or family meetings. We can give you the keys to make a clear difference between your parent-child relations and being equal business partners.

Join the discussion with Jan van Beekhuizen from Aeres Agricultural University

Session 7. | Can vegetable protein be used in calf milk replacers without losing performance?

Discussion hosted by Denkavit

Join the discussion with Pascal van Keulen – Product Manager Calf Milk Replacer, Denkavit