22/10/2021 om 22:00


Walking through a barn and sniffing if the feed is alright, may still not be possible at this time, but we will get you as close as it gets! Farmers from different continents of the world will guide you through their farm and pick out topics which we like to call "the smoking guns of the dairy industry". Looking forward to see you at the Farmers Solution Center.


Farming in a changing environment, the effects of Climate Change Policies

Murray Douglas, Director, Douglas Farms, New Zealand

Murray Douglas along with his family operate a Dairy Business in both Northland, New Zealand and in South West Baihia, Brazil. Starting from a small family base farm, the operation grew steadily and then with the injection of energy from the next generation has expanded rapidly in the last ten years.

Murray is a practical farmer who enjoys creating and executing new projects.  He enjoyed the benefits of a Nuffield Scholarship which helped broaden his perspective of International opportunities.  

Involved in the initial Environmental work for the NZ Dairy Industry  Murray has concentrated on helping the family business grow for the last ten years.  


Farming Possibilities with Informatics   

Pankaj Navani, CEO Binsar Farms, India

Pankaj grew up in a small Himalayan village in Uttarakhand, has held a life-long desire to invest in development of rural India, and supporting farmers with commercial enablement. While his family has been active in medical/health service, he himself pursued a career in high performance computing.

He has served many multinational IT companies including NEC, HP and DELL. As computing consultant he has been closely associated with the Indian and foreign academic research  institutions with likes of IGIB, ISRO, IISc., TIFR and TACC, GE, Texas Instruments, Team Emirates -NZ, Honeywell. His career focus has been on problem solving and utilizing strong analytical capabilities he possesses.

Committed to single Binsar thought and project on ground for 8 years and spearheading Binsar Farms’ developments he is exploring farming from multiple angles, animal nutrition and growth, building processing capabilities , working with Downstream partners and developing software to assist productivity and consumer connect and also learning to be a good director at board.