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Walking through a barn and sniffing if the feed is alright, may still not be possible at this time, but we will get you as close as it gets! Farmers from different continents of the world will guide you through their farm and pick out topics which we like to call "the smoking guns of the dairy industry". Looking forward to see you at the Farmers Solution Center.


Cross-pollination by knowing both systems: grass-based and high intensive. Its learnings.                       

Hans-Peter Greve and Sven Koops, Milchhof Rodenwalde, Germany & New Zealand

Hans-Peter Greve is 55 years old, married with three boys, 20,18,15 years old. Born and raised in Nortwest Germany on a dairy farm. 1992 we sold the family farm and went to East Germany.

Milchhof Rodenwalde KG:

1850 cows and 3200 ha

37 workers , 21 mill kg milk / year


OAD Milking: Less Stress, More Success!

Gillian O'Sullivan, Dairy Farmer, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland

After graduating as a veterinary surgeon from UCD in 2007, Gillian worked in practice for several years before changing to dairy farming in 2010. Sustainable, high welfare dairying has always been the focus and herself and her husband Neil operate a once-a-day dairy herd on her family farm. Since establishing the first OAD discussion group in the country, she has chaired the group from 2015. Gillian has recently completed a 2-year Graduate Certificate Programme in Dairy Herd Health through UCD School of Veterinary Medicine. Since 2018, she chairs the Industry Advisory Committee for the Science Foundation Ireland research centre VistaMilk, providing industry opinion and guidance to the executive committee & also won the Zurich Farmer of the Year award in 2018. Gillian is a regular contributor to both the Farming Independent and Farmer's Weekly publications but mostly she is busy mum with 4 kids.