GDF Congress 2019 China | Tuesday October 22nd

26/10/2019 om 23:01

Tuesday was dedicated to setting the scene in a global perspective. There were different high level speakers that delivered very interesting presentations!

Sandy Chen 
(Rabobank) presented on the development in world dairy market including the position of China.

Prof. Li Shengli (CAU) talked about the latest developments in China since 2009,and what the expectations for the future are.

Christina Zhu (Fonterra) gave us insight in Fonterra's growth story in China -lessons and learnings.

Snorri Sigurdsson (Arla-Mengniu) discussed opportunities and challenges of Chinese dairy farming compared to European dairyfarming.

Dr. Yang Yi (Beijing TTAviation Tech Co. Ltd.) informed us about succesfull entrepreneurship in China & Adoption and Utilization of Drones for Advanced Precision Farming

John De Jonge (Artex Barn Solutions) finished off with discussing the modern dairy farm, managing resources and creating sustainable solutions through technology.

We are very proud and thankful for all the interesting presentations and contributors to discussion!