07/05/2021 om 13:23

We are proud to announce that SILOSTOP will join the GDF family!
With delight we share with you why Silostop is joining our network:
" Silostop has always worked with and for farmers to offer the best silage film and covers possible, so joining GDF will be an opportunity to work with a community of forward-thinking farmers that understand the importance of innovating and iterating farm processes while trying to be more sustainable.
We are excited to be part of this!"
Silostop is globally recognised as the leading brand of oxygen barrier silage film, and its products are used on some of the largest dairy and beef farms across the world as they see the benefits of sustainably improving their silage quality. It is increasingly becoming the product of choice for anaerobic digestion systems, a rapidly growing market worldwide. They offer a complete silage protection system, with complementary products providing assurance to users that they will produce the ultimate silage.