15/12/2020 om 12:13

We are proud to announce that Denkavit will join the GDF family!
With delight we share with you why Denkavit is joining our network:
"Denkavit can strengthen the Global Dairy Farmers platform for dairy farmers with its expertise in the field of young animal nutrition. The goal with the partnership for Denkavit is to share our knowledge in this field and to help dairy farmers in the network to get more profit from their business. Calf rearing is a very important element, because it lays the base for future results and profitability. Our activities are based upon partnerships, knowledge, research and innovation. The partnership with GDF fits therefore perfectly within the strategy of the company.
Denkavit is a family owned company that has been in business for more than 80 years. The company specializes in young animal nutrition, veal production and feed ingredients, with a special focus on feed for calves, piglets, lambs and goat kids. The company has taken a leading position in this field. As a global player, Denkavit continuously invests in knowledge and research that is shared with livestock farmers and compound feed companies. In this way, we ensure that we continue to grow together with our customers. With an annual turnover of € 650 million and 575 employees Denkavit is active worldwide. The head quarter of Denkavit is based in The Netherlands. "
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