Are you a dairy farmer who wants to get new impulses and extend your horizon?

Do you allow yourself to get new impulses, to extend your own horizon? Do you want to meet innovative, cross-thinking entrepreneurs? Getting to know people from different countries and continents who pursue different corporate strategies - but who all drive one thing:

to produce milk successfully and feed the growing population worldwide?

Then Global Dairy Farmers (GDF) is there for YOU.

Global Dairy Farmers is the inspiring global network of  inspirational and ambitious dairy farmers. Together with other leading experts in different fields related to dairy and key-stakeholders from around the globe we exchange knowledge, experience and business opportunities. Our international network of progressive dairy farmers and related Business Partners obtain knowledge on a tactical and strategic level. This knowledge and the new found ideas can be implemented at their own organization. Knowledge is obtained through gatherings, (research)projects, the GDF Congress.

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GDF is the place for inspiring conversations and group discussions on specific issues! An open relationship with each other is key to us. The networking is unique, as are the ideas that spring from the network. These conversations always allow new impulses, an extension of one's own horizon and business. The spirit is carried by optimism. All think only forward; try to find solutions and new opportunities. It is not about problems, but about challenges and solutions are sought (out-of-the-box thinking). Not everyone has to lead their flock with the same strategy, but every good entrepreneur makes the best of his premises. That's what you learn at the GDF.

Our events during the year are in different regions around the world, even in non-typical dairy regions. The mixture of presentations and farm visits allow an intensive insight into the regional conditions / production conditions. Thanks to the preparation and organization of the congresses, the increase in knowledge is enormous. But most of all, our farmers and partners are the ones that make all our events something unique and exclusive. They are progressive, look beyond the regional box and are eager to discuss big future topics, looking to make it practical and goal-oriented.

GDFarmers are the pioneers of the dairy sector.

The greatest intangible benefit comes from the deep and lasting friendships across continents that develop over time as a result of being a friend of Global Dairy Farmers (GDF). It is said that being part of GDF helps you to develop or fine-tune your vision on the dairy sector and maybe even enhance your organization’s vision. 

GDF is proudly exclusive and trust, integrity and confidentiality are assumed.


What else do we do?

Our team of Global Dairy Farmers is committed to enlarge the knowledge and experience of our members and partners and by doing so assist in developing the dairy sector worldwide, keeping in mind the welknown 3 P's. 

  • People   : people inside and outside the farm; the entrepreneur him/herself, his/her family, employees, neighbouring residents and other third parties such as suppliers;
  • Planet    : consequences for the (living) environment;
  • Profit     : the production and economic effects of dairy.

This approach ensures a long-term value creation for our progressive farmers, society, the environment and the dairy sector as a whole. Next to our Confidence Index and the GDF Congress, we organise additional meetings and either initiate or take part in different projects with our members and partners.