Established in 2006, Global Dairy Farmers is happy to be a network of over 70 progressive dairy farmers from all over the world.

Dairy farmers can become a member upon invitation.

Are you interested in a membership or do you like more information, please let us know by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Global Dairy Farmers' Resume


The Network

  • GDF is a worldwide platform for open-minded dairy farmers from different regions of the world. At least 75% are farmers and the rest of the group consists of other stakeholders in the dairy industry.
  • The main goal is sharing expertise and knowledge and discussing the future of dairy on a strategic level.
  • The main activity for this is the annual GDF congress. Other activities, such as study trips, communication activities and research activities are supporting the main goal of GDF.
  • GDF members do not carry on activities that contravene national and international laws.


  • Our main GDF congress of 3 - 6 days takes place on a 12 - 18 month basis.
  • The congress consists of farm visits and presentations, discussions and workshops. Goal is to show dairy-farming in the region of the congress. High-level guest speakers from inside and outside agriculture are invited, in line with the goals and themes of GDF.
  • Next to the GDF congress, seminars and/or study trips are organized around and in co-operation with other networks such as IDF, Dairy Innovators Forum or others.
  • Congresses and seminars are organized with the support of a member living in the country visited.

Members' Profile

Members' Rules

  • Members are open minded for strategic discussions, innovations and new business concepts, and are willing to share this information within the group on a confidential base.
  • The total group of members covers a large number of dairy producing areas around the world as well as a range of strategies.
  • GDF members are not representing countries or regions; they are personal members with individual interests.
  • Members show commitment to the group and in principle attend the GDF conferences.
  • All information marked as “confidential” is treated with care and not provided to non GDF members without permission of the management.
  • GDF members make every effort to attend the GDF-conferences (and are expected to attend at least 2 out of every 3). If they are not able to attend, they will ensure that another person will attend the conference as their proxy.
  • For a one-year membership of our network we ask €500,-.
  • When attending our main GDF Congress you will receive a €200,- discount.

Invitation of Members

  • New GDF members can be recommended by the individual members (farmers and Business Partners).
  • GDF management has a coordinating role to assure the diversity in regions and strategies.
  • New members first receive a guest-membership of three months. Definitive membership can be attained after these three months.
  • For Gold Business Partners there is the none-competitive clause, to ensure information can be easily and safely shared.
  • Business Partners are allowed to a maximum of 20 % of the total number of members. Business Partners are individual persons from companies that are related to the dairy industry.