Global Dairy Farmers is a platform for leading dairy farmers, with a restricted number of companies and educational institutions (our Parters), from all over the world to meet each other for the discussion of new strategies, as a reaction to new policy measures, legislation and market developments.

Ad van Velde, President at Global Dairy Farmers:  ‘Consumer demand patterns are changing rapidly’. These emerging consumer trends are impacting the way food is being produced and consumed at all stages of the value chain. It used to be price, taste and convenience. But the new value drivers are health, wellness, safety and social impact. Right now it appears to have a low impact on buying decisions, however there is a small but very vocal minority for whom it is a significant issue and whose voices can potentially influence public opinion.

There is an enormous opportunity for organizations to make sustainability an integral part of their business model.

"Our network aims to transform the latest developments and knowledge into action and results (through professionals who can make the difference), share knowledge and develop joint initiatives. We have a concrete and measurable goal: to positively influence the main issues in the Dairy Industry by sharing knowledge and experience and networking on a high level and within the whole Dairy Supply Chain."


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