17/09/2019 om 09:52

“Running a dairy farm is so much more than just housing, feeding and milking cows. Future dairy farmers need to be highly skilled managers in many different aspects about milk production and people management.” That is what I thought about the dairy sector so far. But after my very brief taste of the GDF air during a one day visit at the 2018 conference in Germany, I learned something else:

Running a dairy farms needs real entrepreneurship! Managing a dairy farm means to do the things RIGHT. But the entrepreneur always asks the questions: Are we doing the right THINGS. At GDF I met people who want to learn about markets, who want to understand the consumers, who are looking for new ideas to face the daily challenges in the market. Once I have understood that, it was obvious that I and the company Holm & Laue, which I am representing at GDF, needed to be a part of this group. We would like to learn and we would like to contribute with our knowledge in calf rearing!

That`s why I am looking forward to this year’s conference in China. I like to learn about the Chinese market and the challenges the dairy farmers are facing in Asia. But most of all I am very curious about the discussions within the GDF network. So I hope to meet a lot of people from all over the world!!

A big thank you to everybody at GDF for arranging this great event. See you soon!

Holger Kruse | Holm & Laue