NEWS | GDF Congress 2019 | Speaker

24/09/2019 om 10:41

As you might have seen, the program of the GDF Congress in China is packed with many high-level speakers. Today we will be introducing one of them: Snorri Sigurdsson, Head of Arla-Mengniu China-Denmark Milk Technology Centre (CDMTCC).

Sigurdsson is educated farmer but also holds a MSc degree in Agronomy. He has over 20 years work experience he has inspected over 2.200 dairy farms in 22 countries! Today Sigurdsson works within many international organizations within his field of expertise and is in IDF (Inter-national Dairy Federation) standing committee on Farm management. Furthermore he has long experience of teaching on different levels of agriculture and has been holding lectures in different countries about the topics of milking technique, milking routine, milk quality, management on dairy farms, housing design and animal welfare.

The CDMTCC is a joint venture between the dairy companies Arla Foods Amba and Mengniu and the main goal of the JV is to improve milk production in China on all levels within milk quality, animal welfare, environmental aspects and efficiency.

During our GDF Congress, Sigurdsson will speech on: Opportunities and challenges of Chinese dairy farming compared to European dairy farming.
In this speech Sigurdsson will talk about the experience of last 7 years work by CDMTCC and explain the JV vision and opportunities/challenges the work in China has been for Mengniu & Arla

We are very curious to hear and discuss these topics during our GDF congress in China!