NEWS | GDF Congress 2019 | Farm Visit #4

03/09/2019 om 15:42

For the GDF Congress in China, we will be visiting five farms, which includes the family farm: Harbin Shanghe Farming Development Co LTD.

We will be visiting this farm on the 25th of October, in the Harbin part of the program. Harbin Shanghe Farming Development Co LTD started in September 2015 with a total investment of 120 mil Yuan. Just to give you an idea of what the farm will be like, here are some numbers:

Area: 188,000 square meters

Freestall barns x 11

Parlors x 2

Trench silos x 8 storage 42K M3

Employee: 76


Total herd: 2923

Incl. cows 1569

Incl. Heifers 1095

Incl. calves 259

Daily production: 40MT sold to Nestlé

Fat: 3.8%

Protein: 3.3%

SCC: 180K/ml

Bacteria: 50K/ml

Will you take this unique opportunity to visit this Farm with the GDF Network?