NEWS | Artex Introduces: One Way Finger Gate

24/09/2019 om 12:24

Artex is pleased to announce the launch of the Artex One Way Finger Gate.   Finger gates provide accurate cow guidance in your barn, allowing for multiple cows to use the one way gate at the same time.

Features & Benefits
• Fully modular concept for flexible installation
• Prevents cows from returning through gate
• Guided or one way cow flow
• Spans from 1M (3’) to 5.5M (18’)
• Offered in standard (shorter) version or taller version for tractor access
• Modes include: One way, locked closed, Training (half open) & fully open
• Heavy duty construction
• All hot dipped galvanized components

Please contact your Artex Sales Representative for more information on the Artex One Way Finger Gates.


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