17/09/2019 om 12:04

Our annual GDF Congress will take place in China this October. You definitely do not want to miss this! Curious to know why not? Read here (just) five reasons for signing up now!

1. Progressive dairy farmers and experts from the entire dairy chain in one room

GDF is unique in that we are a club where ambitious and progressive dairy farmers from all over the world want to be part of. Once a year we make sure that our farmers ánd people representing other parts of the dairy chain meet up. The knowledge that is gathered in one room is overwhelming. Contact, knowledge sharing and friendships that are what we and the participants are looking for and GDF offers this platform.

2. Farm visits

What better way to learn about a country than to visit its farms? In this country, it is exceptional that we have been able to arrange several farm visits, all different types! The smaller family farms, but also the bigger farms like a Fonterra farm as well as China Modern Dairy, the largest dairy farming enterprise! You will only be able to visit all of these farms and experience what Chinese farms are really like when you are joining us! How is Fonterra for instance managing their farms, what is the impact in China, what is the impact worldwide?

3. China | How to feed the world

Our main theme of this congress is “Who will feed the world with dairy?”. China’s population is growing and so it their appetite for dairy products. There is an enormous upcoming demand for milk. China is looking at how to provide for this demand. How do other countries and companies deal with this demand. This growing demand in China ánd the rest of the world? These challenges and opportunities are being discussed during our conference.

4. Honest discussions

The current situation and the future of the dairy industry is something that fascinates all of our members and partners and we cannot wait for the honest conversations and to hear the diverse opinions and stories from all of the different countries with different climates and markets. No polished stories but the honest truth and opinions. The GDF network is a place where our leading farmers can truly discuss their problems, opportunities and visions on the dairy future.

5. Tourism program

Next to the opportunities that will be provided business wise, the chance to enhance your dairy knowledge and vision, you will also get to enjoy some of Chinese best highlights. Ever dreamt about walking on the Great Wall? Curious to visit the Siberian Tiger Sanctuary? The tourist program is a huge bonus to informally get to know each other and the Chinese culture.