Fonterra | GDF Congress 2019 China

17/09/2019 om 10:26

Come to China if you want to know more about Fonterra.

Fonterra was positioned nr 4 in Rabobanks Global Dairy Top 20 for 2019. One place up compared with 2018. Fonterra quite a young company compared with some other top 10 companies. Fonterra was established in October 2001 following the merger of the country's two largest dairy co-operatives, New Zealand Dairy Group and Kiwi Cooperative Dairies, with the New Zealand Dairy Board. The last 10-15 years Fonterra invested a lot in overseas expansion in countries like China, Brazil, Venezuela and Australia. The investments in China was probably the most intriguing. A dairy processor build on pasture based dairy production invested about 1 billion NZ$ in confinement systems for dairy production in China to secure milk supply and get access to the lucrative Chinese market. As it seems now Fonterra is reconsidering its overseas strategy and it will write down the farms in China with BZ$200 million. We will visit one of the Fonterra farms during our China congress in October and we’ll have a key note speaker from Fonterra to elaborate on the current situation and answer questions from the GDF-network.

So if you want to know more about Fonterra join us in October in China!
Alfons Beldman | GDF Vice-President