NEWS | GDF Congress 2019 | Speaker

10/09/2019 om 10:20

As you might have seen, the program of the GDF Congress in China is packed with many high-level speakers. Today we will be introducing one of them: Shuzhi Zhang!

"My name is Shuzhi Zhang. I graduated from the University of Alberta in Canada in 2010. Since that time I have been working in Wellhope Agri-tech Joint Stock CO. LTD. I am a ruminant nutritionist in this company. My job function includes product research, formulation, and offering technical service to the farmers."

In 2006, our Business Partner Royal De Heus Company, the biggest family owned feed group from the Netherlands, became one of Wellhope’s shareholders. 

Wellhope Agri-Tech Joint Stock Co., Ltd. was started in the spring of 1995, now Wellhope is well on its way to becoming one the the world's top animal husbandry enterprises. In pursuing this goal, Wellhope is committed to its pledge to provide high quality products and excellent customer service, using its knowledge and expertise to boost development of agriculture, and making contributions to the society. With a highly educated and professional staff team, Wellhope is prepared for every challenge and opportunity.

During the GDF Congress, Zhuzhi Zhang will give an introduction about Wellhope and his mission in the dairy industry and with the following desired effect: 

"From the presentation, I would like to help people have a better knowledge about Wellhope and our ruminant business. Our commitment is to offer the dairy farmers both good compound feed and good technical service. Wellhope is strongly willing to be the partner of dairy farmers to win-win together."

We cannot wait to hear what interesting points Zhuzhi Zhang will bring to the table and to discuss this with you! Did you sign up yet?