Announcement | New Business Partner: Implecor S.A.

21/02/2019 om 17:31

IMPLECOR S.A. (founded in Argentina, 1978) is working as farming machinery manufacturers in the field of forage conservation and management having Excellence and Vanguardism as paramount goals.

The quality of their products have made them gain top reputation and a place in the Argentinian industrial sector as a clear benchmark of quality. Their mission lies in the power to provide solutions to the agricultural sector. For the active participation and the constant research in the development of new technologies in forage conservation, the supply of that forage into a nutritional plan and  the  correct waste management and its reuse in the productive cycle, they move forward towards becoming a reliable choice of top quality. Implecor S.A. has three lines: - Forage Conservation - Nutrition - Manure Treatment.

Implecor S.A. works as a team looking to the future with Excellence and Vanguardism. They think of solutions as a whole for farmers and producers from the optimal forage conservation, the supply of those forages as part of TMR feed where nutrition matters, to the correct manure treatment for those engaged in dairy farming and livestock breeding, being committed to the reutilization of natural resources.


Global Dairy Farmers is proud to announce that Implecor S.A., based in Argentina, will become our Business Partner! GDF was introduced to them by Marty Philippi, which resulted in interesting conference calls and contact with their Director Institutional Relations, Germán Comba!

The rapid changes in this globalized world have brought about new business actions and with that a whole bunch of interesting alliances. We think we have interesting solutions to the dairy sector regarding Forage Conservation and Manure Treatment which make this challenge worthwhile. Everybody at IMPLECOR also feels really positive at this opportunity to interact with people and organizations worldwide and get enriched by the collective experience.”


We look forward for our network to learn from their expertise and insightful ideas and vice versa.


Welcome Implecor to the GDF family!


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