Global Dairy Projects & Research

Global Dairy Research 

Global Dairy Research is a separate research unit of Global Dairy Farmers.
Researchers from the LEI-The Hague do research on dairy developments and the outcomes are shared with the GDF group. For this, also input from the group is used.

Confidence Index 

Global Dairy Farmers in cooperation with the Aeres University of Applied Science of Dronten (f.k.a. CAH Vilentum), publishes the Confidence Index (GDF-CI) every quarter of the year. The GDF-CI provides insight in the opinions of dairy farmers worldwide on actual developments in the dairy sector. This information is also reflecting actual dairy farmers’ confidence in their sector: interesting information for the dairy farmers and their supplying industries. Enrolling farmers to the network to complete the survey, will enhance knowledge of both the farmer and students of assisting universities. Combining educational stakeholders and farmers will enhance understanding of the farmer’s decision making process within a global context: delivering value to the whole dairy industry.

Confidence Index Q3|2017


We would like to ask you, dairy farmers, to fill in the newest survey. This is the extensive version of the survey (once a year in the 3th quarter)

Already filled in the newest survey? We also ask you to help broaden the database of participants by sharing the link of the survey to other dairy farmers:

GDF Confidence Index Q3 | 2017






Participating farmers will obviously receive the results and obtain a free GDF guestmembership for three months. Please let us know after filling in the survey whether you are interested in the GDF free guestmembership by sending an email to our manager.


Confidence Index Q1|2017


Confidence Index Q4|2016                                                                                                         Confidence Index Q3|2016                                                                                                         



Confidence Index Q2|2016                                                                                                         Confidence Index Q4|2015  



Yearly dairy outlook & Dairy Monitor

What are the worldwide dairy developments?

What trends do we see in dairy worldwide: most actual data with montly updates and input retrieved directly from our farmers, partners and contacts worldwide. 

Outlook 1|2015-2016                                                                                                                  Outlook 2|2016




Global Dairy Projects

With Global Dairy Projects we establish new projects and leads which are beneficial for our members and partners. 


Elite Training Large-scale Dairy Production Manager 

The consortium of Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Cownexxion and Global Dairy Farmers offers the elite program in the management of professional large-scale dairy farming in an international context for the following professional profiles:

Managers require to have excellent skills in the fields of human resource management and leadership on large dairy farms. These skills correspond to the aims of the owner and financials goals of the enterprise.
Participants of this elite program in dairy process- and people management will be able to put people, financial and animal or crop management into practice with a new set of skills to bring a farm to the next level.

Please find more information in the brochure and for more detailed information and registration please send an email to Ms. Yvonne Leenders.

Global Dairy Farmers has a restricted group of companies (business partners) which are members of GDF. There is a maximum of 12-14 business partners which do not compete with each other.